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Friday, February 18, 2005

Croissant Pockets; Award Winning Taste!!!

I'm proud to announce that American Culinary Institute has bestowed some sort of award on Croissant Pockets. Now what this award actually was is a little nebulous.

"Professional chefs of the American Culinary Institute held a national judging of all major brands, and CROISSANT POCKETSĀ® brand sandwiches were deemed to be the overall Best Taste Award winner."

"National judging of all major brands". I was under the impression that the Hot Pocket family of stuffed sandwiches were a category unto themselves. Regardless, kudos to the Croissant Pocket division.

As for Lean Pockets, feel free to read Tales From The Scales which chronicles how Lean Pockets can pretty much save your life. Eat that Jared.


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